St John's Smith Square December 2016 (photo by Marc Gascoigne)
Future concerts

Prokofiev, Britten and Copland – 27 June 2020

Aaron Copland – Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo
Benjamin BrittenThe Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
Sergei Prokofiev – Symphony No. 7 in C sharp minor

27 June 2020, 7.30pm
St John’s Smith Square

Stars and stripes (photo: Floris M. Oosterveld)
Past concerts

American music – 29 Mar 2014

Charles Ives – Three Places in New England
Duke Ellington – Five pieces from The River
Aaron Copland – El Salon Mexico
Lou Harrison – Elegy in Memoriam Calvin Simmons
Morton Feldman – Structures
Leonard Bernstein – Symphonic Suite On The Waterfront

7.30pm, Hammersmith Town Hall, London W6 9JU